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    Australian Defence Medal

    The Australian Defence Medal: Sometimes called the '4 Year Medal,' the ADM was struck in 2006 to recognise service with the defence forces of Australia, the eligibility criteria includes former ADF members who completed their initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever is the lesser. The criteria also recognises National Servicemen and those who could not serve the four-year qualifying period because of the ADF's workplace and enlistment policies of the time.
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    Western Australia Police Star

    The Western Australia Police Star: The WAPOL Star was established to recognise sworn  personnel who are killed or seriously injured whilst carrying out their primary functions on or off duty. The Police Star acknowledges the unique and unpredictable dangers of policing in the community and the sacrifices police officers make serving the community of WA. Former and current serving members, or a family member of a deceased member, can apply. To be eligible, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria, and all applications will be assessed by a panel with final approval by the Commissioner of Police.
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    India General Service Medal 1937-39

    The India General Service Medal: Awarded for service on the North West Frontier, 1937-1939. There is also an award for the previous year.
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    Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration

    Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Decoration: Awarded for twenty years service in a commissioned rank in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Now replaced by the Royal Naval Reserve Decoration following the merger of the two services in 1959.
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    Air Efficiency Award

    Air Efficiency Award: Established in 1942 for award to officers and men of the Auxiliary and Volunteer Air Forces of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth who have completed ten years efficient service. Bars are awarded after further periods of ten years service.
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    Reserve Forces Medal

    Australian Reseve Forces Medal (RFM): Established on 19 April 1982, the Reserve Forces Medal is awarded to other ranks of the Australian Reserve Forces who have completed fifteen years efficient service. Further periods of five years service result in the award of a clasp, and a rosette for the riband bar. These awards have been superceded for persons who had not qualified for them before 20 April 1994, by the Defence Force Long Service Medal, available on this site. Central to the design of the obverse of the medal is the Defence Force Joint (tri) Service Emblem, which comprises an anchor to signify the navy, swords to signify the army, and an eagle to signify the airforce. The boomerang symbolising Australia lies at the base of the Joint Services emblem supporting and unifying the three services emblems. The medal is suspended with the Crown of St Edward (often called the Queens' crown). The Reserve Forces Medal is an oval shaped medal in nickel-silver. The obverse (or front) depicts the Joint Services emblem sitting on a series of radiating flutes. The reverse (or back) of the medal is inscribed For Efficient Service In the Reserve Forces. Clasps for the Defence Force Service Medal and the Reserve Force Medal are made from nickel-silver.

    The colours of blue and gold used on the riband is taken from the ribbon colours of the Commonwealth Coat of Arms. For reasons of tradition, recipients of the long service award for Reserve officers (Reserve Force Decoration, available on this site) are entitled to use the postnominals RFD after their name. There are no postnominal entitlements for the Reserve Force Medal .
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    Distinguished Service Medal

    Imperial Distinguished Service Medal: Established in 1914 to be awarded to petty officers and men of the Royal Navy and other non-commissioned officers of the Royal Marines. It can also be awarded to the Royal Air Force, Merchant Navy and Army or other personnel who give services to the naval Forces. The medal is silver, the obverse has the reigning monarch�s head and title. The reverse has the Victorian crown supported by a wreath of two laurel branches tied at their base and surrounding the words FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE. The riband is dark blue with two wide white stripes with a narrow blue central stripe. Bars are bestowed for subsequent awards and when the riband is worn alone, the bar is denoted by a small silver rose.
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    Efficiency Decoration

    CMF/Territorial Army Efficiency Decoration: The ED is an oval skeletal badge in silver and silver-gilt with the crowned monogram in an oak wreath, the ring for suspension being fitted to the top of the crown. It differs also from previous decorations in having a suspender bar denoting the area of service: Territorial (UK), India, Canada, Fiji, Australia or other overseas country being inscribed as appropriate.

    Please Note: The ONLY two versions available, are;

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    Gulf War Medal

    The British Gulf Medal was awarded for service in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia during 1990-91, and authorised for wear by a small group of Australians. The ribbon has a sand-coloured broad band flanked on either side by thin vertical stripes of dark blue, red and light blue. The sand colour represents the desert, and the blue, red and light blue represent the three services: Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force. The medal's obverse (side worn outwards) consists of the crowned profile of Queen Elizabeth II. The reverse consists of an eagle and an automatic rifle superimposed on an anchor. The dates of the Gulf War, 1990-91, appear at the foot. The medal was issued with two clasps: 2 Aug 1990 and 16 Jan - 28 Feb 1991. This medal was awarded to personnel who had thirty days continuous service in the Middle East (including Cyprus) between 2 August 1990 and 7 March 1991, or seven days between 16 January 1991 and 28 February 1991, or service with the Kuwait Liaison Team on 2 August 1990, the date of the Iraqi invasion.
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    Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal

    Australian Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal: The HOSM is awarded to honour members of the Australian Defence Force and recognised Australian groups that render humanitarian service overseas in hazardous circumstances. Circumstances envisaged include service in war zones, during peacekeeping operations or in times of natural disaster or civil strife. Australian groups may be part of, or operating under, the direction of the United Nations, other international organisations or Australian or international non-government organisations.
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    Cadet Forces Medal

    The Commonwealth Cadet Forces Medal: Instituted in February 1950 and awarded to commissioned officers and adult NCOs for twlve (12) years' sevice as an officer or instructor of cadets. A bar is awarded for each additional eight (8) years' service. It is a cupro-nickel medal with the effigy of the reigning monarch on the obverse, and on the reverse, a torch of learning. Medals are named to the recipient on the rim. Riband: A broad green central band bordered by thin red stripes, flanked by a dark blue stripe (left) and light blue stripe (right) with yellow edges. The medal was awarded for cadet OOC/OICs of all three supporting service branches, Army, Navy and Air Force. The medal has been superceded in Australia by the Australian Cadet Service Medal. This medal ceased to be awarded in Australia in 1975 when it was replaced by the Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal in the Australian system of honours and awards.
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    Nursing Service Cross

    This decoration was established in 1989 to recognise outstanding performance of Australian Defence Force nursing duties in both operational and non-operational situations by members of the Defence Force and certain other personsThe decoration may be awarded posthumously and a person awarded the Nursing Service Cross is entitled to use the post-nominal NSC.The Governor-General makes awards of the Cross on the recommendation of the Minister for Defence.Other awards of the Nursing Service Cross are usually announced in the Australia Day and the Queen's Birthday Honours Lists.
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