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    Western Australia Police Star

    The Western Australia Police Star: The WAPOL Star was established to recognise sworn  personnel who are killed or seriously injured whilst carrying out their primary functions on or off duty. The Police Star acknowledges the unique and unpredictable dangers of policing in the community and the sacrifices police officers make serving the community of WA. Former and current serving members, or a family member of a deceased member, can apply. To be eligible, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria, and all applications will be assessed by a panel with final approval by the Commissioner of Police.
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  • AFP Operations Medal-0AFP Operations Medal-0
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    AFP Operations Medal

    The Australian Federal Police Operations Medal may be awarded to eligible persons involved in prescribed operations deemed by the Commissioner to be significant. Clasps are awarded for prescribed operations. All recipients have their name engraved on the reverse side of the medal.
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  • National Police Service Medal-0National Police Service Medal-0
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    National Police Service Medal

    The National Police Service Medal recognises the special status that sworn police officers have because of their role protecting the community. It represents a police officer's past and future commitment to give ethical and diligent service. It was established on 9 November 2010 by Letters Patent. While a minimum of 15 years service is required to qualify for the National Police Service Medal, it does not represent a distinct period of service. A police officer must have been serving on or after 30 October 2008 in order to qualify for the National Police Service Medal.
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  • 79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal
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    79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal

    WA Police MIG/79 Division 30th Anniversary Commemorative Medal: The final medal struck by Western Australia Police's rapid-response Major Incident Group to celebrate 30 years as an elite section of WAPOL; 1979-2009. Shortly after the internal issue, the unit was disbanded.

    79 Division was founded in 1979 to provide a 24 hour rapid response to major criminal offences committed in the Perth Metropolitan area. The Division was made up of general duty officers and detectives, a unique combination. A hard-line reputation amongst hardened criminals was fostered and the group truly became a force in the Service. In 1999, 79 Division became known as the Major Incident Group. The crime section continued its hard-line policing in Western Australia.

    This commemorative medal was struck to recognise the service given by 79 Division/Major Incident Group members over the past 30 years. This is a strictly limited release and includes loose medal, 250mm of riband and 1979-2009 clasp.
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  • Queensland Police Long Service Medal-0Queensland Police Long Service Medal-0
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    Queensland Police Long Service Medal

    Queensland Police Service Long Service Medal: Instituted in 2001 to reward ethical and diligent service for ten years with the Service. Subsequent periods of five years service are rewarded with bars.
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  • Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal-0Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal-0
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    Police Long Service & Good Conduct Medal

    Imperial Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal: Instituted in 1951, the medal was awarded for 22 years full-time service in any of the British Constabularies. On 01 MAY 1956, the medal's entitlement was extended to police forces in Australia, Papua-New Guinea and Nauru. The award in Australia was replaced in 1975 by the National Medal (aka 'Gough's Gong'). Since then, in addition to the National Medal, individual police jurisdictions have struck long service medals to recognise 10 years service with state and territory police forces and services. This medal was struck in cupro-nickel with a riband of white, featuring a broad central mid-blue stripe flanked by a thin stripe on each side. The obverse side features an effigy of the reigning monarch, and the reverse features a female figure holding scales of justice and a wreath, circled by the words "for exemplary police service."
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  • State Police Service Medal-0State Police Service Medal-0
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    State Police Service Medal

    Police Long Service and/or Ethical/Diligent Service Medal: Instituted to reward ethical and diligent service for ten years' accumulated service. State police medals were struck, replacing the British Commonwealth Police Long Service (exemplary service) medal. Subsequent periods of five years' service are generally rewarded with clasps or silver and gilt bars, some versions with years served in a circle.
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  • Police Overseas Service Medal-0Police Overseas Service Medal-0
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    Police Overseas Service Medal

    Australian Police Overseas Service Medal: This Medal was established in 1991 to recognise service with international peacekeeping organisations by officers of Australian police forces. The Governor-General makes awards of the Medal on the recommendation of the Chief Officer of an Australian police force. The award of the Medal is made with a clasp to denote the area of prescribed service and any subsequent award to the same person is made in the form of a further clasp with the prescribed service appropriately inscribed. To date, Australian police men and women have made remarkable contributions to peacekeeping and policing around the world in such countries as Cyprus (ongoing), Cambodia, Mozambique, Somalia, Haiti, Bougainville, and most recently in East Timor.
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  • Australian Police Medal-0Australian Police Medal-0
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    Australian Police Medal

    The Australian Police Medal was established in 1986 to recognise distinguished service by members of Australian police forces. Each Australian police force may award one Australian Police Medal for every 1000 members or part of 1000 members in every calender year. Recommendations are made by the responsible Minister in the Commonwealth and each State and Territory to the Governor-General for approval. Only one award is ever made to an individual and recipients are entitled to use the post-nominal letters "APM."
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