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    Timor-Leste Solidarity Medal

    Timor Leste Solidarity Medal (or Medalha Solidariedade de Timor-Leste): In November 2008, the Australian Government formally accepted an offer from the Timor-Leste President HE José Ramos-Horta for Australian Defence Force Personnel to formally accept and wear the East Timor Solidarity Medal in relation to service in stability and peace operations in East Timor from 1 May 2006. Defence civilians who contributed to operations may also be eligible. Qualifying Criteria: The East Timorese Solidarity Medal was introduced by the President of East Timor in recognition of forces involved in the contribution to stability and peace operations in East Timor.

    The commencement date is 1 May 2006 and qualification for the medal is:
  • Having served a minimum of 180 days continuous or accrued service in East Timor from 1 May 2006; or
  • Nominations will be considered for personnel that have served a minimum of 120 days from 1 May 06; or
  • Nominations will be considered for personnel who served with a start date in May or June 2006 for a period at least 90 days; or
  • The President of the Republic may consider extra-ordinary cases outside the above time-periods.
  • Applications for extra-ordinary cases must be endorsed and submitted through the Directorate of Honours and Awards, to be considered and approved by the President of the Republic. However, service may still only count from 1 May 2006. The qualifying period is not required in the event of death in service in East Timor. Note: The original medal breaks with tradition - it is not issued engraved.

    The TLSM is a superb die-struck (not cast) reproduction. Precision nickel-plated, it will not tarnish 'yellow' like the original.

    We don't 'nickel and dime' you by supplying scant, unusable riband lengths, or worse, making riband a hidden-in-the-fine-print optional extra - every medal comes with 250mm of riband (full size) and 150mm (miniature). Ample for a complete professional court mount.
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