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  • New Zealand Defence Service Medal-0New Zealand Defence Service Medal-0
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    New Zealand Defence Service Medal

    The New Zealand Defence Service Medal: This medal recognises non-operational and operational military service in the NZ Armed Forces by New Zealanders since 3 September 1945. The Royal Warrant for the NZ Defence Service Medal states that the medal is to recognise “the contribution made to New Zealand by those who, on or after 3 September 1945, have undertaken attested service in the Royal New Zealand Navy, New Zealand Army, Royal New Zealand Air Force, regular or territorial forces, including those who undertook Compulsory Military Training (CMT) and National Service”.
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  • New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal-0New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal-0
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    New Zealand Army 150th Anniversary Medal

    150th Anniversary of the New Zealand Army Medal: An unofficial commemorative medals, originally struck in 1995 by the Wellington Army Association for those who had served in the New Zealand Army at any point in its history 25 March 1845 to 25 March 1995 - applicants for the medal were required to sign a Statutory Declaration that they (or a relative for posthumous applications) had so served. The riband is khaki with crimson edges and a double crimson central stripe.
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  • New Zealand Service Medal 1946-49-0New Zealand Service Medal 1946-49-0
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    New Zealand Service Medal 1946-49

    New Zealand Service Medal 1946-1949: This medal was instituted in 1995 to recognise New Zealand military personnel who served in the occupation forces in Japan between March 1946 and March 1949. In 2002 the Royal Warrant was amended to also recognise service between September 1945 and March 1946, including service by the crews of HMNZ Ships Gambia and Achilles in Japanese waters. Since 1995 this medal has been issued to over 4,700 veterans or their families. About 13,000 New Zealanders, including several hundred women, are eligible for this medal. Fifteen New Zealand military personnel were killed in accidents or died of sickness in Japan during the occupation.
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  • New Zealand Memorial Cross-0New Zealand Memorial Cross-0
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    New Zealand Memorial Cross

    The NZ Memorial Cross is awarded to the next of kin of all New Zealand servicemen and women who were killed while on war service or operational service overseas, or who subsequently died of wounds received while on war service or operational service overseas, since the commencement of World War Two. Two versions of the New Zealand Memorial Cross have been struck: one during the reign of King George VI, and one during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The King George VI cross is the only one available in replica and is worn from a thin 10mm ecclesiastical purple coloured ribbon suspended around the neck, while the Queen Elizabeth II cross is worn as a brooch, with no ribbon. The award is not included in the order of wear. This is because the King George VI cross is quite small and is not a medal.
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  • New Zealand East Timor Medal-0New Zealand East Timor Medal-0
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    New Zealand East Timor Medal

    NZ East Timor Medal: This medal was instituted in 2001 to recognise New Zealand personnel (both military and non military) who served in East Timor from the commencement of the New Zealand involvement in June 1999. The obverse features the effigy of the Sovereign within the Royal styles and titles for New Zealand; and on the reverse, a representation of the head of a Kiwi, facing to the right and overshadowing a map of East Timor with the words "EAST TIMOR" below and, in the top right of the field, a sprig of olive leaves. The ribbon is the standard 32 millimetres in width, of white, black, red, green, red, black, and white stripes. The operational area means the political boundaries and airspace of the Non-self Governing Territory of East Timor and the maritime area of 50 nautical miles around East Timor and Atauro Island, and a corridor from anywhere within this maritime area for direct passage to Darwin, terminating at the outer limit of the territorial sea of Australia. A silver clasp ?East Timor? is awarded for additional service in the area. The qualifying period is continuous or aggregated service of 365 days or more.
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  • New Zealand Operational Service Medal-0New Zealand Operational Service Medal-0
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    New Zealand Operational Service Medal

    The New Zealand Operational Service Medal: Awarded to personnel who have served in operations since September 3, 1945, even though they may have qualified for other awards. Around 50,000 service people are eligible, and the medal acknowledges service in hazardous or extreme conditions, other than operational service. The first recipients will be those that witnessed atmospheric nuclear tests in the 1950s. There will be three new clasps available for this medal. They include �Near East�, �Vietnam� and �Rwanda.� The medal is cupro-nickel, 36mm in diameter. The riband is white, with (left to right) a thin black stripe, thin white stripe, wider black stripe, thin white stripe and a central thin black stripe. The pattern is then repeated to the right-hand side of the riband. The medal is viewed by many as the Kiwi equivalant of the Australian Active Service Medal.
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  • New Zealand Service Medal 1939-1945-0New Zealand Service Medal 1939-1945-0
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    New Zealand Service Medal 1939-1945

    NZSM 1939-45. Awarded to all members of the New Zealand Armed Forces, both those who served overseas and those who served at home, for a minimum 28 days' service. The companion award was the War Medal 1939-45. The New Zealand Service Medal 1939-1945 is a nickel medal with black and white moired riband. King's head on obverse, the reverse side features the words "For service to New Zealand 1939-45" and a silver fern in the lower half.
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