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  • NATO ISAF Medal-0NATO ISAF Medal-0
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    NATO ISAF Medal

    The NATO Medal for Afghanistan: The NATO Medal for International Security and Assistance Force service in Afghanistan is awarded with the ISAF clasp for service in Afghanistan. The eligibility generally for the Non-Article 5 Medal for service with the ISAF are those who are members of units or staff as set out in the Joint Operations Area taking part in operations in Afghanistan. The area of eligibility is delineated by the political boundaries of the International Security and Assistance Force. The service must be a minimum of 30 days either continuous or accumulated service, from 1 June 2003. The British Government allows its soldiers to accept, but not wear the medal officially, unlike many other NATO member forces including Australia which broke with convention to allow their soldiers to wear the medal.

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  • NATO Yugoslavia Medal-0NATO Yugoslavia Medal-0
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    NATO Yugoslavia Medal

    The NATO medal was first instituted to reward personnel who took part in the Alliance operations in the former Yugoslavia. Any person serving under NATO Command or operational control is eligible for the award. UK personnel cannot Qualify for the NATO medal and the UNPROFOR medal in respect of the same Period of service. The qualifying period for the medal was designated by the secretary General NATO. However for operations in the former Yugoslavia the period was set for 30 days continuous or accumulated service within the area of operations. The medal takes precedence equal to the General Service Medal in order of date of award.
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