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  • Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Kuwaiti-0Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Kuwaiti-0
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    Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Kuwaiti

    The Liberation of Kuwait medal was issued according to the rank of the recipient in five grades. British and Commonwealth policy has been whilst the recipient may have the medal conferred as a keepsake of the campaign, it is not authorised for wear.
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  • Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Saudi-0Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Saudi-0
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    Liberation of Kuwait Medal, Saudi

    Issued by the Saudi Arabian government for the liberation of Kuwait. Awarded to all allied personnel who took part in the campaign for the liberation of Kuwait. The riband is green with edges of red, black and white (the Saudi national colours). The white medal medal has a star of fiteen long and fifteen short round-tipped rays, surmounted by a bronze circle brearing a crowned and enwreathed globe on which appears a map of Arabia. Above the circle is a plam tree with crossed scimitars, the state emblem of Saudi Arabia. The scroll inscribe in Arabic and English "Liberation of Kuwait" appears round the foot of the circle.
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