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  • Thai UBON RAAF Medal-0Thai UBON RAAF Medal-0
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    Thai UBON RAAF Medal

    Air Force 40th Anniversary Ubon Medal: An unofficial commemorative medal, struck by Royal Assent of the King of Thailand, commencing in 2008, the Ubon Medal was made available to Royal Australian Air Force personnel based at RAAF Base Ubon. In 1962 Thailand, a member of the South East Asia Treaty Organisation requested the SEATO nations for military assistance to help defend Thailand in case of any attack from North Viet Nam troop movements along its northern borders. As of 31 May 1962 to 1968 (to honour Australia's commitment to the SEATO) the RAAF committed a contingent of 250 personnel, and provided a support squadron of eight CAC Sabre aircraft to be sent to Ubon, Thailand.
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  • Pingat Jasa Malaysia-0Pingat Jasa Malaysia-0
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    Pingat Jasa Malaysia

    In 2004 the Government of Malaysia made an offer to confer a special medal of service to eligible current and former Australian Servicemen and women who served in Malaysia over the period 31 August 1957 to 31 December 1966. As the PJM is a foreign award, the Department of Defence will be acting as an agent for the Malaysian Government. In all possible circumstances, senior representatives from the Malaysian Government will present medals personally to recipients, including the next of kin in cases of posthumous awards. In accordance with Australian privacy regulations, provision is made on the application form for an applicant to elect not to have this information passed on. Arrangements will be made for these to be separately dispatched to the recipient by Australian Defence officials.

    There are two categories of eligibility that will be assessed by the Department of Defence and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet for eligibility for the Pingat Jasa Malaysia. These are:

    Category One:

    a. Those members of the ADF who were on the posted strength of a unit or formation and served in the prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore, in direct support of operations in Malaysia for 90 days or more, in the aggregate as follows:
    (1) Malaysia during the period 31 Aug 1957 and Dec 1966 incl; or
    (2) Singapore during the period 31 Aug 1957 and 9 Aug 1965 incl.
    Qualifying service between 12 Aug 1966 and 31 Dec 1966 may only apply if a member was posted for operations to Malaysia on or before 12 Aug 1966.
    The prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore is the landmass of East Malaysia (that is: the States of Sabah and Sarawak on the Island of Borneo), the Malay Peninsula and the Island of Singapore extending 12 nautical miles seaward from the coast of these areas.
    b. Those members of the Australian Defence Force who were on the posted strength of a unit or formation outside the prescribed operational area above, but served in a secondary role in indirect support of operations in Malaysia for 180 days or more, in the aggregate, during the period 31 Aug 1957 to 31 Dec 1966 incl.

    Category Two:

    Qualifying service during the period 31 Aug 1957 and 31 Dec 1966 incl, as described in Category One, may be deemed to have been established notwithstanding a member of the ADF has not met the qualifying period described if service was terminated due to death or injury or other disability due to service.


  • There will only be one award of the medal to a person unless otherwise advised. Should the medal be lost or destroyed, it will not be replaced at public expense.
  • Individual applications made to the Malaysian Government for an award of the medal will be referred back to the Australian Department of Defence for an assessment and verification of service.
  • Applications for those Australian citizens who served in a civilian law enforcement capacity will be forwarded to the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet for validation. Once satisfied service has been validated or attested to, the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet will seek the Governor-General's approval of acceptance and wearing of the award. This medal is also being awarded to British and New Zealand ex-service personnel and their eligibility criteria will likely be different.
  • IMPORTANT: This medal is a die-struck, silver plated, high quality reproduction and supplied with a full 250mm of riband (full size) or 150mm of riband (mini). The riband designed by Malaysia (and woven by Toye, Kenning & Spencer in the UK) is moired and watermarked and is 35mm wide, 3mm wider than standard Australian and British issue full size medal riband (the mini is 20mm, wider than the usual 16mm). Consequently, it is not recommended for swing mounting or riband bars because of the overhang problem. For spare riband lengths in full and miniature sizes, search for PJM on this site.

    WARNING: There are British made replicas on the market that are incorrect - in other words they are approximate copies, not replicas. They are easy to spot on two counts. Firstly they have the palm fronds between the medal itself and suspender back to front, and they have the wrong pattern on the suspender (incorrect number of swirls). We assume these copies were made on first-draft drawings released by Malaysia before the changed, final draft and medal release was made - in an effort to rush them to market. Caveat Emptor. Forewarned is forearmed as our INT friends say.

    See the incorrect draft that caused the problems: Click here.

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    Korean War Service Medal

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    Republic of Korea War Service Medal: The Korean War Service Medal is a decoration of South Korea which was first authorized in December 1950. Originally known as the Incident Participation Medal the medal was first authorized to South Korean troops who had participated in the initial counter-assaults against North Korean aggression in June of 1950. In 1951, President Syngman Rhee ordered that the Incident Participation Medal be renamed as the War Service Medal and further authorised the decoration to any troops who were defending South Korea against invasion. In 2018, with a decision by Defence's Directorate of Honours and Awards, Australians are now authorised to wear the medal.
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  • Liberation of The Phillipines Medal-0Liberation of The Phillipines Medal-0
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    Liberation of The Phillipines Medal

    The Philippines Liberation Medal: Instituted in 1944 and awarded for participation in the liberation of the Philippines between 17 October 1944 and 3 September 1945. There are generally four conditions for which this medal could be awarded. The first was participation in the initial landings on Leyte or the adjoining islands from 17 Oct 1944 to 20 Oct 1944. The other conditions are: participation in any engagement on Leyte or the adjoining islands, participation in any engagement on Philippine Islands other than those mentioned above, and serving in the Philippine islands or on ships in Philippine waters for not less than 30 days during the period indicated. The riband is red with a blue and white central stripe.
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  • RVN Cross of Gallantry-0RVN Cross of Gallantry-0
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    RVN Cross of Gallantry

    Instituted in 1950 The Republic of Viet Nam Gallantry Cross with Palm Device (Anh-D?B?inh V󧩠Nhந D?Li꧵) was awarded for valor and heroic conduct while fighting the enemy. Palm device is citation for unit awards & for medal award at army or higher level. The medal was also awarded with Gold Star (Ng?ao-V஧), with Silver Star (Ng?ao-Bac), and with Bronze Star (Ng?ao-D󮧩.
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  • RVN Campaign Medal-0RVN Campaign Medal-0
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    RVN Campaign Medal

    Republic of Viet Nam Campaign Medal. Sometimes called the "Vietnamese Star" or the "Vietnam Star." The medal is a gold six pointed star with rays, 32cm in diameter, superimposed by a White enameled star, 42cm in diameter, overall in center a Green disc, 18cm in diameter, with the outline of the Vietnamese Country with a Red flame of three rays between North and South Vietnam. On the reverse of the medal is a circle with a designation band containing the word "CHIEN-DICH" (Campaign) at the top and "BOI-TINH" (Medal) at the bottom. Across the center of the circle is the word "VIET-NAM". The riband is 1 3/8 inches wide and consists of the following stripes: 1/16 inch Green 67183; 3/16 inch White 67101; 5/16 inch Green; 1/4 inch White; 5/16 inch Green; 3/16 inch White; and 1/16 inch Green.
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