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    Riband Mounting Racks

    Riband mounting racks, single to quadruple ribands, brass with clutch pins. The maximum ribbon bar rack under protocol is four ribands wide (females and most navy, three wide).
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    Medal Mounting Bars

    Medal mounting brooch bars, single to five medals wide (maximum width under Australian protocol; subsequent awards means all medals overlap to a maximum width of 160mm). These mounting bars come with brooch pin clasps. From the Australian Army Standing Orders for Dress (the same protocol followed by all three services and ex-service organisations): Medals are suspended from a medal bar. Bars are available in widths suitable for one, two, three, four and five medals. When there are more than five medals they are to overlap sufficiently to allow the number of medals to be evenly spaced on the five medal suspension (approximately 16 cm) with the highest in the order of precedence fully displayed. In cases where there are ten or more full-size medals, the rack should extend to 20mm wide.

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