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    Medal Devices and Rosettes

    MSRP: $9.00
    Most rosettes are generally in nickel plate, however there are some bronze/brass rosettes available depending on the relevant medal colour. Official rosette reproductions are available for all campaigns, awards and service periods for Australian issues, and some British and American issues. Please Note: Be sure to write the NAME of the rosette or multiple rosettes you require in the box below. When ordering devices/emblems/rosettes for riband bars, please specify miniature as the size required.
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  • Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin-0Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin-0
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    Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin

    A more secure and safe clutch pin than the standard-issue butterfly brass pin fixings supplied with badges and ribbon bars. This pin is gilt/gold plated and more solidly engineered than the standard clutch. Sold in packs of three.
    $3.59 GST added at checkout
  • Investiture Hooks for Medals-0Investiture Hooks for Medals-0
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    Investiture Hooks for Medals

    NEW design! Investiture Medal Presentation Hooks for easy attachment to shirts or jackets whilst having a medal hooked on during a presentation. Saves time (and effort) fiddling with brooches and pins during an investiture. The investiture hook is pinned on the garment, and at presentation, the medal is simply 'hooked' on the attachment with absolute ease. Made from die-struck brass, and finished in bright gold with a black 'target spot' lower hook. This new design is much kinder on clothing, and makes medal presentations a snap. See below for more ...
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    Single Medal Case-0Single Medal Case-0
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    Single Medal Case

    These quality side-opening black velour (velvet) medal presentation hard boxes are ideal to replace original boxes lost or stolen, or just to make a presentation of an award a very special occasion. Each case has a black flat padded cushion for seating a court-mounted medal. The case has a white satin roof. Loose medals could also be placed in the inserts with loose riband lengths. These are hard board cases, and come in their own white card slip case.
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    Riband Mounting Racks

    Riband mounting racks, single to quadruple ribands, brass with clutch pins. The maximum ribbon bar rack under protocol is four ribands wide (females and most navy, three wide).
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