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    12 Precision Court Mounted Medals

    MSRP: $455.40 - $575.40
    Simple Click Ordering for twelve (12) medals: A quick and easy way to order a multiple rack or set of precision, court mounted, reproduction medals with applicable bars (multiple awards or periods of service) or clasps (for various campaigns or areas of operations). Just select the number of medals you need, and list the necessary medals and bars/clasps and we'll get right on it!
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    Australian Defence Medal

    The Australian Defence Medal: Sometimes called the '4 Year Medal,' the ADM was struck in 2006 to recognise service with the defence forces of Australia, the eligibility criteria includes former ADF members who completed their initial enlistment period, or four years service, whichever is the lesser. The criteria also recognises National Servicemen and those who could not serve the four-year qualifying period because of the ADF's workplace and enlistment policies of the time.
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    Order of Australia, Medal (OAM)

    Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) awarded for service worthy of particular recognition. The Order Of Australia insignia feature the golden wattle flower as the central emblem. The wattle motif is also carried through the riband. An individual ball of wattle blossom has been developed into a simple convex gold disc featuring a rich texture of beads and radiating lines to accentuate the central circlet which represents the surrounding sea. The wattle flower and colours of gold, and where used, royal blue are taken from the Commonwealth Coat Of Arms.IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE:These honours are supplied with 250mm of riband in either the civilian or military division as ordered. This is sufficient riband for mounting in a frame, and sufficient for court or swing mounting of the medal; however significantly more riband will need to be purchased for the neck sash of the Officer or Member classes of the order. Please email for more details as this riband stock is very expensive and the price varies on availability at the time.
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    AFP Operations Medal

    The Australian Federal Police Operations Medal may be awarded to eligible persons involved in prescribed operations deemed by the Commissioner to be significant. Clasps are awarded for prescribed operations. All recipients have their name engraved on the reverse side of the medal.
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    11 Precision Court Mounted Medals

    MSRP: $417.45 - $527.45
    Simple Click Ordering for twelve (11) medals: A quick and easy way to order a multiple rack or set of precision, court mounted, reproduction medals with applicable bars (multiple awards or periods of service) or clasps (for various campaigns or areas of operations). Just select the number of medals you need, and list the necessary medals and bars/clasps and we'll get right on it!
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    Australian Home Service WW2

    Australian War Service: This two medal set represents war service generally for those who served within Australia and its territories (additional campaign medals were added for overseas service) during WW2, between 3 Sep 1939 and 2 Sep 1945. The War Medal 1939-45 was awarded for a minimum period of service of 28 days, the Australia Service Medal for 30 days full-time or 90 days part time service.
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    Precision Medal Mounting

    Medals, whether originals or replicas deserve to be mounted with military precision. Frankly the old Australian adage of 'near enough is good enough' has no place here; 'near enough is just not good enough.' We can accurately mount your medals (all medals on the site here have a mounting option included in each description) by skilled Australian craftspeople with a service background, in either swing or court (sometimes called Royal) mount style (which is demanded by the ADF and most other agencies, and preferred by most veterans). And we guarantee your mounting and ribands for life!
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    Iraq Campaign Medal

    Australian Iraq Campaign Medal: The medal recognises service in and around Iraq from 18 MAR 2003 in two discrete operations and AOs; OP FALCONER and OP CATALYST. Zone 1 qualifying service is 18 MAR to 30 APR 2003 for a minimum 7 days' service. Zone 2 is from 1 MAY 2003 onwards for a minimum 30 days' service. Eligibility for RAAF is based on 7 or 30 sorties for the respective zone/s where those sorties were conducted over a period not less than an aggregate of 7 or 30 sorties performed at a rate of not less than one sortie per day.

    The reverse of the Iraq Medal is based on a processional lion copied from a relief on the Gateway of the Temple of Ishtar in Babylon. The lion was one of the dominant 'power symbols' of the Assyrian Empire, being reserved to the ruling house and the higher priesthood of the dominant sects. The lion stands on a narrow plinth (for balance) and the word "IRAQ@" appears below. The obverse of the medal is based on the Australian Coat of Arms (the same as the Afghanistan Campaign Medal to be released for reproduction shortly and the Australian Defence Medal which has still not been gazetted or issued). The riband design for the Iraq Medal is a combination of:
    a. Sand yellow - representing the desert sands of Iraq;
    b. Purple - representing the ADF; and
    c. Red - the conflict in Iraq.

    And please note, this medal is now a superb high-quality injection-moulded reproduction.

    We don't 'nickel and dime' you by supplying scant, unusable riband lengths, or worse, making riband a hidden-in-the-fine-print optional extra - every medal comes with 250mm of riband (full size) and 150mm (miniature). Ample for a complete professional court mount.
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    1914-15 Star

    Imperial (British) 1914-1915 Star: Sometimes called the Gallipoli Star, or the Gallipoli Medal in Australia and New Zealand due to the fact that in general only Gallipoli veterans were awarded the 1914-15 Star (Australia and New Zealand not mobilised in time to be awarded the medal in other areas of operations). Awarded for service on the establishment of a ship or unit in a theatre of war. Recipients of the 1914 Star could not be awarded the 1914-1915 Star.
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    PNG Independence Medal

    The Papua New Guinea Independence Medal: Established and issued in 1976 and into 1977 for a range of personnel from civilian to members of defence and emergency forces; and members of the Australian Defence Force who served in PNG between 1 December 1973 and 16 September 1975. 187 medals were issued to members of the Army; 9 to RAN and 6 to the RAAF. The medal is nickel-plated with PNG national colours on the riband; rust red with narrow stripes of white and yellow and black edges.
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    Croix de Guerre Belgium

    Belgian Croix de Guerre: Established 1915, it was awarded to those mentioned in despatches for acts of courage on the battlefield or for continous and exceptional service against the enemy. It is a bronze Maltese cross with ball finials. The obverse side has a central medallion with the Belgian lion rampant, the revese medallion the Royal monogram 'A' for Albert. Crossed swords are between the arms. For subsequent acts of bravery, recipients were awarded additional bronze medals. Receiving five bronze medals entitled recipients to a silver medal. Receiving five silver medals entitled recipients to a silver-gilt medal.
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    Meritorious Unit Citation

    The insignia of the Meritorious Unit Citation - MUC - is a rhodium plated sterling silver rectangular frame 32 millimetres wide and 15 millimetres deep surrounding a ribbon bar of old gold 28 millimetres wide and 10 millimetres deep with a design of flames emanating from the frames outer edge to the centre. 7. A rhodium plated sterling silver Federation Star 7 millimetres in diameter is placed at the centre of the ribbon bar. 8. The insignia miniature is a two-thirds size replica of the insignia of the Citation surrounding a miniature ribbon bar 18 millimetres wide.Personnel posted to the unit for the period the citation was awarded wear the emblem with the Federation Star device in perpetuity with all orders of Ceremonial, General Duty and Mess Orders of Dress. Personnel who join the unit subsequently wear the citation without the Federation Star, and on leaving the unit cease to wear the citation.

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