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    Rising Sun Framed Collection-0
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    Rising Sun Framed Collection

    MSRP: $385.00
    The complete set of seven, General Service (Rising Sun) Badges of the Australian Army, from the Boer War through to the present day issue. Plus! As an option, the unofficial but often worn Camel Corps badge of WW1! The collection comprises the 1902 first and second badges, the 1904 third iteration, Camel Corps badge (if ordered as a $18 option), 1949, 1956, 1969 and 1991 badges; all perfect full-size exact metal replicas to parade standard, mounted in a craftsman-built frame with Australia's Coat of Arms and badges descriptions. The frame is black and gold, with double-matted cream over gold and a green backing. Pack and post on this item needs to be confirmed, but is generally between $45 and $70 including fuel levies (sorry no, frames do not qualify for free shipping). This is not an 'off the shelf' bunch of poor Chinese copies thrown into a mass-produced rubbish frame bought at a $2 shop - it is a custom-designed, made-to-order, hand-crafted framed collection of exquisite reproduction badges. A real quality highlight for your club or sub-branch foyer wall, mess, school, or hall or a magic addition to your office, study or den. Please note: The bottom gold plate can be custom-made to include rank, name and service details for end-of-posting functions or as awards.
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    Army Lapel Badge

    Been looking for an elegant and subdued way to show your service on civilian dress? Here it is, the Australian army General Service (Rising Sun) lapel badge; a tiny version of today's Army hat badge to fit neatly in your lapel, or as a brooch. Gold with clutch pin. Outstanding quality, the badge measures 20mm wide by 15mm high.
    $6.32 GST added at checkout
  • Rising Sun Plaque Badge-0Rising Sun Plaque Badge-0
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    Rising Sun Plaque Badge

    The Australian Army General Service badge also called the Rising Sun badge in an extra large format, 70mm x 100mm, and in bright gold only. This is a perfectly-sized badge to feature in any presentation; on a service plaque, family honour board, a framed collection of military memorabilia, a personal or unit service framed set - anywhere you want a Rising Sun to make a bold statement. This badge has two clutch pins for mounting.
    $18.00 GST added at checkout
  • Rising Sun Collar BadgeRising Sun Collar Badge
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    Rising Sun Collar Badge

    Burnished copper WW1 and WW2 Rising Sun collar badges, firmly secured by two pin clasps. 40mm x 28mm.
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    Camel Corps Hat Badge

    Badge of the WW1 Australian Camel Corps. Australian and New Zealand mounted units were crucial to the success of the Sinai and early phases of the Palestine campaign. They undertook lengthy and often hazardous reconnaissance patrols. When called on to fight, the speed with which the Light Horse and Camel Corps could be deployed across arid country gave the allied forces a strong tactical advantage against the numerically superior Turkish forces. The companies were reorganised into four battalions, each of four companies. The 1st Battalion and 3rd Battalion were Australian. The 2nd Battalion was British. The 4th Battalion was formed of Australians and New Zealanders. The Corps was also augmented by a mountain artillery unit raised in Hong Kong and Singapore. It also had its own machine gunners, and veterinary personnel.
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  • 1969 6th Hat Badge-01969 6th Hat Badge-0
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    1969 6th Hat Badge

    The sixth iteration, and rarest Australian Army ha tGeneral Service badge also called the Rising Sun badge, the only one to be issued without a crown as the main feature piece, substituted with a Federation Star. A smaller crown is overlaid over the star. Gilt metal with two press clasps.
    $14.50 GST added at checkout
  • 1949 4th Hat Badge-01949 4th Hat Badge-0
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    1949 4th Hat Badge

    The General Service badge, first issued in 1949 (also called the Rising Sun badge) following the world war issues of previous years, this version drops the 'Commonwealth' and features the title "Australian Military Forces."
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  • 1991 7th Hat Badge-01991 7th Hat Badge-0
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    1991 7th Hat Badge

    Issued in 1991, this is the current-issue hat badge also called the General Service badge worn on all hats; khaki fur felt, on the upturned brim. The current badge wears the title "The Australian Army" and features the latest version of the rising sun design with a 'Queen's' crown. The applicable corps or unit badge is worn on the front, with the bottom edge of the badge resting on the brim.
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    1904 3rd Hat Badge

    MSRP: $19.95
    The 1904 and most popular edition of Australia's 'rising sun' hat badge. This version featuring the words "Australian Commonwealth Military Forces" replaced the 1902 2nd edition badge, and remained as issue for both World War 1 and World War 11, until the 4th iteration of the badge was issued in 1949 after World War II. This is the last of the burnished copper badges. Subsequent issue were brass or gilt.
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  • 1902 2nd Hat Badge-01902 2nd Hat Badge-0
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    1902 2nd Hat Badge

    The second iteration of Australia's now famous 'rising sun' hat badge. Issued later in the year than the first badge, this is the first to include 'Commonwealth' in the title. Excellent reproduction in burnished copper. No collector should be without this entire series.
    $14.50 GST added at checkout
  • 1902 1st Hat Badge-01902 1st Hat Badge-0
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    1902 1st Hat Badge

    The first Australian hat badge, also called the General Service badge features the 'rising sun' design based on a 'sun' of bayonet points. Burnished copper replica, and an excellent reproduction. The famous Rising Sun Badge selected as the Army's General Service badge in 1902 but now the badge of the army, originated in colonial South Australia. The original concept, a collection of bayonets and sword bayonets radiating from a crown, was designed as a trophy.
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  • 1956 5th Hat Badge-01956 5th Hat Badge-0
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    1956 5th Hat Badge

    The fifth iteration Australian Army General Service badge also called the Rising Sun badge, issued from 1956 to 1969. Gilt metal with two clutch pins. This is the common 'Vietnam era' badge.
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