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  • RAASC Officers Hat Badge-0RAASC Officers Hat Badge-0
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    RAASC Officers Hat Badge

    Royal Australian Army Service Corps (now disestablished) Officers Hat Badge. This is an excellent reproduction badge, silver plated with blue and red enamel, and gilt plate centrepiece. A rare badge these days. Secured by lugs and spring pin. The R.A.A.S.C. ceased to exist in 1973, and all ranks were transfered to the R.A.C.T. All ranks wear the RACT badge from then on, the only corps with an Officers and ORs' badge now is RAA (Royal Regiment of Australian Artillery).
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    Camel Corps Hat Badge

    Badge of the WW1 Australian Camel Corps. Australian and New Zealand mounted units were crucial to the success of the Sinai and early phases of the Palestine campaign. They undertook lengthy and often hazardous reconnaissance patrols. When called on to fight, the speed with which the Light Horse and Camel Corps could be deployed across arid country gave the allied forces a strong tactical advantage against the numerically superior Turkish forces. The companies were reorganised into four battalions, each of four companies. The 1st Battalion and 3rd Battalion were Australian. The 2nd Battalion was British. The 4th Battalion was formed of Australians and New Zealanders. The Corps was also augmented by a mountain artillery unit raised in Hong Kong and Singapore. It also had its own machine gunners, and veterinary personnel.
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  • CMF Badge-0CMF Badge-0
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    CMF Badge

    CMF Lapel Badge: Citizen Military Forces badge in two sizes finished in black nickel. Clutch pin fitting, and available as a full size badge for beret, cap or hat and as a small badge for lapel use.
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