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    ADF Commendation

    The Australian Defence Force commendation badges are produced in three colours—gold, silver and bronze. These colours indicate the level of award which are as follows: gold—Chief of the Defence Force (CDF); silver—Commander Australian Theatre (COMAST), Commander Support Australia (COMSPTAS), Special Operations Commander Australia (SOCAUST); and bronze—Commander Northern Command (COMNORCOM) and the Commander Deployable Joint Force Headquarters (COMD DJFHQ).
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    CDO Para Wings Brevet

    Commando (4RAR) parachute wings, as issued to 1CDO Company, 2CDO Regt and past members of 4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (now disestablished). Sold as a single brevet.
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    RQR Hat Badge

    Solid metal, gold plated with enamelled infill for The Royal Queensland Regiment, the state-based infantry units.
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    Meritorious Unit Citation

    The insignia of the Meritorious Unit Citation - MUC - is a rhodium plated sterling silver rectangular frame 32 millimetres wide and 15 millimetres deep surrounding a ribbon bar of old gold 28 millimetres wide and 10 millimetres deep with a design of flames emanating from the frames outer edge to the centre. 7. A rhodium plated sterling silver Federation Star 7 millimetres in diameter is placed at the centre of the ribbon bar. 8. The insignia miniature is a two-thirds size replica of the insignia of the Citation surrounding a miniature ribbon bar 18 millimetres wide.Personnel posted to the unit for the period the citation was awarded wear the emblem with the Federation Star device in perpetuity with all orders of Ceremonial, General Duty and Mess Orders of Dress. Personnel who join the unit subsequently wear the citation without the Federation Star, and on leaving the unit cease to wear the citation.
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    RAAC Armoured Corps Collection

    Expertly framed collection of current RAAC hat badges: Within the Corps the following is the accepted order of precedence of regiments: 1st Armoured Regiment, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers, 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry), 4th/19th Prince of Wales’s Light Horse Regiment, 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers, B Squadron, 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment, A Squadron, 3rd/9th Light Horse (South Australian Mounted Rifles)  and A Squadron, 10th Light Horse. The collection is professionally mounted in a black/silver wood moulding frame, utilising black suede mats.
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    Lapel Badge Collection

    Six of the best! A set of all 6 of our remembrance badges, ideal for ANZAC or Remembrance Day commemorations. Usually these badges retail for $5.95 each, a total of $35.70 - between now and Remembrance Day or until stock runs out - whichever comes first, all six are just $19.95.
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    Rosemary Poppy Lapel Badge

    MSRP: $7.95
    The ideal remembrance lapel symbol, in striking gold and enamels, this badge is appropriate for two commemorations, ANZAC Day (uniquely Australia and New Zealand) and Remembrance Day (all Commonwealth countries). In Australia, the sprig of Rosemary is associated with Anzac Day in Australia, while in New Zealand, the Poppy is the symbol for remembrance on all occasions. Worn correctly, the poppies have leaves that point to 11 o'clock. The badge measures 30mm high and 20mm wide. It's affixed by a single clutch pin.
    $7.23 $5.41
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    Name Badges

    MSRP: $18.95
    Metal name badges, with magnetic backing for damage-free wearing with shirts or coats. These individually custom-made badges come in a brushed gold finish with bright gold borders. Digital printing in a range of colours. Strong magnetic clips on the back make them easy to wear with most garments. Badges measure 35mm x 77mm.There is no charge for setup or design.
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    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    Lapel badge, featuring a high-quality die-struck emblem representing the three services with a distinctive Gallipoli feel to the badge. The words 'Lest We Forget' across the bottom scroll ribbon, the badge is die-struck brass and plated in antique gold. Secured by a single clutch pin, top rear of badge. This high quality gold badge is sought after as a fund raiser in quantities for associations, sub-branches and ex-service organisations world-wide. The badge measures 25mm in diameter, small enough for lapel wear and large enough to make a statement.
    $5.41 $4.45
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    Operational Service Badge: Civilian

    This is the civilian version of the OSB. Before the establishment of the Australian Operational Service Medal (AOSM) in May 2012, those who received the Australian Active Service Medal were also issued with the Returned from Active Service Badge (RASB). Because the AOSM recognises all declared operational service, an Operational Service Badge (OSB) has been established to be issued on the first award of the AOSM.
    The OSB has two versions - military and civilian, to be issued with the respective medal types.
    The RASB will continue to be issued with the AASM for current warlike operations.

    In contrast with the RASB, the OSB may also be issued to the next-of-kin of deceased members to complement the award of the OSM.
    This badge is the highest-quality available, die-struck from one piece brass or copper, and plated. It is not cast from brittle pewter.

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    Recruit Instructor Badge 1RTB

    Australian Army Recruit Instructor (RI) Badge: This is the now obsolete version (the current issue features the word ARMY, in lieu of 1RTB). Worn by recruit instructors at 1st Recruit Training Battalion at Kapooka. This is the first version pattern badge that is now becoming quite scarce and highly prized at auctions to replace lost kit. Secured by two clutch pins and finished in antique burnished copper, this is an excellent reproduction, approximately 26mm x 26mm.
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    Diggers Hat Lapel Badge

    Diggers Hat lapel badge: Finished in antique brass with upturned brim, badge and pugaree design. Badge measures 25mm wide and 11mm high, it's secure by a single clutch pin.

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