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    Full-size Ribbon Replacement Lengths

    Is the riband (often called medal ribbon length) on your medals looking faded and grimy? We can help! Riband lengths are available for most Australian and British Commonwealth medals, with the exception of some foreign medals, and some now out-of-date commemoratives (mostly those issued by associations and private companies who have ceased operating). Prices vary, and although this price will cover most medals, we must reserve the right to adjust prices - with prior notice to you - because of currency fluctuations and manufacturers' changing price structures.
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    Australia Shoulder Titles

    MSRP: $9.95
    AUSTRALIA Shoulder bars, in various styles and finishes. Please specify the version required from the options check boxes; Each era has a different plating colour - World 1 and 2 (antique copper), Viet Nam Era (brass/gold) or Current issue (gold, thinner font design). The current issue has a different font and size to previous iterations. To order multiple pairs or more just add the quantity in the box provided. Price is a single bar.
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