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  • LCPL RankLCPL Rank
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    LCPL Rank

    Lance Corporal Rank, JG. Viet Nam era jungle green issue lance jack stripes. Sold in pairs.
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  • Army Shoulder Patch (biscuit)-0Army Shoulder Patch (biscuit)-0
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    Army Shoulder Patch (biscuit)

    Embroidered Army Badge: Oval shaped, and colloquially known as a 'biscuit' this is an embroidered army badge on an appropriate coloured background, worn on the top of the left sleeve of Service dress, polyester shirt, safari suit, utility jacket, maternity blouse, sweater khaki lightweight, DPCU shirt, mess dress jacket, mess dress white jacket. They are available in AusCam DPCU, DPDU, or limited availability of black, maroon, red and white backgrounds. Please specify colour required at checkout. Sew on plain backing.
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  • Army Shoulder Patch (obsolete)-0Army Shoulder Patch (obsolete)-0
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    Army Shoulder Patch (obsolete)

    Australian Army Shoulder Patch: Square embroidered gold Rising Sun General Service Badge on khaki, sew on plain backing.
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  • UN Shoulder Patch-0UN Shoulder Patch-0
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    UN Shoulder Patch

    United Nations Shoulder Patch: As worn by peacekeepers on brassards around the world. Hot cut patch, with iron-on backing.
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  • Navy Baseball CapNavy Baseball Cap
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    Navy Baseball Cap

    Australian Navy baseball-style cap, in heavyweight dark blue brushed cotton and ship's grey with a full 6 panel crown. A quality item with embroidered colour RAN logo and NAVY embroidered in white. One size fits all with an adjustable back tab.
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  • RAAF Baseball CapRAAF Baseball Cap
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    RAAF Baseball Cap

    Australian Air Force baseball-style cap, in heavyweight brushed cotton with a full 6 panel crown. Two colours; black for wearing with DPDU dress, or traditional air force dark blue. A quality item with embroidered colour RAAF logo. One size fits all with an adjustable back tab.
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  • HMAS Brisbane Art Print-0HMAS Brisbane Art Print-0
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    HMAS Brisbane Art Print

    One of a series of brilliant high quality pencil sketched prints on heavy art paper of Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Navy ships and boats plus other military subjects by renowned artist Darryl White. Pictured is DDG 41 HMAS Brisbane. The Brisbane was one of three Charles F Adams class guided missile destroyers. Displacement 4526 Tons (Full), Dimensions, 437' (oa) x 47' x 15' (Max). Armament 2 x 5"/54 RF (2x1), Tartar SAM (1x1 Mk 13) ASROC ASW (1x8), 6 x 12.75" Mk 32 ASW TT (2x3). Machinery, 70,000 SHP; Geared Turbines, 2 screws Speed, 33 Knots, Range 4500 NM@ 20 Knots, Crew 333-350. The ship was laid down by Defoe Shipbuilding, Bay City Mich on February 15 1965 and launched May 5 1966. She was commissioned December 16 1967 and decommissioned October 19 2001 and recently sunk off Queensland's Sunshine Coast, in the Coral Sea for use as a recreational dive site.
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  • Historic Unit Colour Patches-0Historic Unit Colour Patches-0
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    Historic Unit Colour Patches

    Reproductions of the original felt UCPs (Unit Colour Patches) used by the AIF in World War 1 and AIF and CMF in World War 11 - correct in every detail - worn with one on each upper arm, and in WW2, usually one on the pugaree of Hat, KFF. These patches are reproductions of the  original design, hand-made to the original Australian Army specifications and supplied in pairs. An ideal accompaniment to Family Honour Boards, framed medal collections or tributes to family or unit members who have served during campaigns of both World Wars. The ANZAC "A" device seen on some WW1 patches, is restricted to the units serving on Gallipoli and - doubles the price of each patch.
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  • Crossed 303s-0Crossed 303s-0
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    Crossed 303s

    Army Skill at Arms badge: Bright gold crossed Lee Enfield 303 rifles, with sewing loops, the badge 45mm wide by 50mm high, and is held secure by top clutch pins.
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  • Crossed SLRsCrossed SLRs
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    Crossed SLRs

    Crossed 7.62mm SLR L1A1s, in gold, with a single pin clasp - ideal as a tie tack or a hat or lapel badge. Each badge measures 25mm x 25mm.
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  • Australian Riband Wall Chart-0Australian Riband Wall Chart-0
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    Australian Riband Wall Chart

    Australian medal ribbons wall chart, featuring all Australian and UN campaign ribands in order of precedence (wearing). Precision printed in full colour on gloss art paper, these charts are suitable for framing or board mounting (even affixed with your favourite blue tack). Make sure you click on the 'Click to enlarge' tag or on the image to see the big picture - 168 Australian medal ribands in the current Order of Precedence as promulgated by the Governor General's Honours and Awards Secretariat. These charts will look great in your office, den, study, mess, ESO meeting room, or anywhere you'd like to display the full range of Australian medal entitlements in full process colour. Approximately 40cm x 60cm and may be laminated for longer life. The official Order of Precedence published by the Governor-general is fully displayed in riband form, and this edition includes the ACM, ADM, ICM and PJM, plus the AGSMK and TLSM. Measures 590mm x 450mm.
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    Female Relatives Badge WW2

    MSRP: $16.95
    The WWII Female Relatives' badge: Awarded to spouses and mothers with husbands and/or dependants in the war effort, 1939-1945. The silver badge features a central map of Australia surrounded by the words "To The Women of Australia." One gold Federation Star was awarded for each person enlisted. Silver-plated badge with secure brooch fitting and gold federation stars. Please note that stars are supplied loose, and may be easily affixed by cyanoacrylate (superglue).
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