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  • Australian Flag Green Shoulder Patch-0Australian Flag Green Shoulder Patch-0
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    Australian Flag Green Shoulder Patch

    Australian flag shoulder patch: In flight suit green with black embroidery. This is a fully embroidered quality patch with full stitching and set off with a stitched border. Available in, and subdued versions. 95mm wide x 55mm high. All patches have a Velcro backing (if you prefer a plain backing (no velcro), please request that at checkout in the comments section).
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    VDC Colour Patch WW2-0VDC Colour Patch WW2-0
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    VDC Colour Patch WW2

    MSRP: $19.95
    Colour Patch for Australia's 'home guard' the VDC. A high-quality reproduction patch on a khaki iron-on background, with laser cut border to minimise fraying. High-count stitched embroidery on the circle and lettering, this is the patch won on the upper sleeve by members of the VDC in uniform. Usually worn in pairs, as a fully embroidered patch, this patch is sold singly.
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  • Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin-0Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin-0
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    Jewellers Secure Clutch Pin

    A more secure and safe clutch pin than the standard-issue butterfly brass pin fixings supplied with badges and ribbon bars. This pin is gilt/gold plated and more solidly engineered than the standard clutch. Sold in packs of three.
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  • Miniature-size Ribbon Replacement Lengths-0Miniature-size Ribbon Replacement Lengths-0
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    Miniature-size Ribbon Replacement Lengths

    MSRP: $9.90

    Is the riband (often called medal ribbon length) on your medals looking faded and grimy? We can help! Riband lengths are available for most Australian and British Commonwealth medals, with the exception of some foreign medals, and some now out-of-date commemoratives (mostly those issued by associations and private companies who have ceased operating). Prices vary, and although this price will cover most medals, we must reserve the right to adjust prices - with prior notice to you - because of currency fluctuations and manufacturers' changing price structures.
    Please specify names of each medal riband required, and change quantity to numbers of lengths needed.

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  • Stubbie Holders, Velcro-wrapStubbie Holders, Velcro-wrap
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    Stubbie Holders, Velcro-wrap

    Personalised Stubby Holders: The flat Velcro cooler is really useful.; it keeps your drinks cool - and still fits in your back pocket, glove box, or whenever you need to stash it! The Velcro wrap will fit both cottles and cans. Your cooler can be printed with as many colours as you like; even with full colour photos and your name and service details. Cam backgrounds are popular - DPCU, DPDU and DPNU. These velcro-wrap coolers make great promotional items, as well as superb gifts for birthdays, reunions, and events - ideal for that someone who has everything!

    Print size: Approximately 21cm x 11.5cm.  Close with a velcro wrap.

    If you submit images that are too square (for wrap around)  or wide for our format we will crop the image sensibly. Please inform us what you would prefer. However please understand that we will print what is given to us with no adjustments except at our discretion to help achieve best results.

    Prices includes full colour print and personalising.













    For larger quantities just ask.

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  • 79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal
    0 out of 5

    79 Division/MIG 30th Anniversary Medal

    WA Police MIG/79 Division 30th Anniversary Commemorative Medal: The final medal struck by Western Australia Police's rapid-response Major Incident Group to celebrate 30 years as an elite section of WAPOL; 1979-2009. Shortly after the internal issue, the unit was disbanded.

    79 Division was founded in 1979 to provide a 24 hour rapid response to major criminal offences committed in the Perth Metropolitan area. The Division was made up of general duty officers and detectives, a unique combination. A hard-line reputation amongst hardened criminals was fostered and the group truly became a force in the Service. In 1999, 79 Division became known as the Major Incident Group. The crime section continued its hard-line policing in Western Australia.

    This commemorative medal was struck to recognise the service given by 79 Division/Major Incident Group members over the past 30 years. This is a strictly limited release and includes loose medal, 250mm of riband and 1979-2009 clasp.
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  • 11 Battalion AIF Egypt11 Battalion AIF Egypt
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    11 Battalion AIF Egypt

    Officers and men of the 11th Battalion, AIF at Cheops, posed on the Great Pyramid of Khufu near Mena Training Camp in Egypt. This iconic print features some 740 members of the 11th Australian Infantry Battalion, prior to being deployed to the Dardanelles, and leading the Gallipoli landings in 1915. Framed alone, with a brief description, or framed as a set piece with hat badge, colour patch, riband bars and accoutrements, this print is an outstanding statement for a family wall, study, office, mess or hall. The A3 size is available at this price. The large size print area version is approximately 750mm x 550mm. Prints and posters require mailing tubes, requiring a minimum pack and post fee of $9.90.
    $16.36$52.73 GST added at checkout
  • Keep Calm and Carry On-0Keep Calm and Carry On-0
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    Keep Calm and Carry On

    Keep Calm and Carry On: The poster was initially produced by the UK Ministry of Information in 1939 during the beginning of World War II, and was intended to be used only in a 'last ditch effort' should the Nazis succeed in invading Britain via Operation Sea Lion, in order to stiffen resolve. Two-and-a-half million copies were printed, although the poster was distributed only in limited numbers. It was thought lost until re-discovered in 2000. The designer of the poster is not known. Make a giant historical wall statement for your office, den, study, mess, just about anywhere you'd like to display this magnificent poster. measuring 610mm wide, by 910mm high in stunning postbox red on white art paper, it's a talking point. Prints and posters require mailing tubes, requiring a minimum pack and post fee of $9.90.
    $18.18 GST added at checkout
  • Political World MapPolitical World Map
    0 out of 5

    Political World Map

    Political World Map: Measuring 610mm high x 860mm wide, this map printed on high quality paper is an excellent reference for your wall, complete with time zones, latitude and longitude. Great to track campaigns, check countries, major centres, any use at all.
    $16.36 GST added at checkout
  • 2 CER Sapper-02 CER Sapper-0
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    2 CER Sapper

    The Sapper: An absolutely brilliant print of a sapper from 2 CER, hard at work, nation-building in Afghanistan with MTRF-1. "The Sapper" original piece from which these prints are faithfully reproduced is an acrylic on canvas by stunning new military (and ex-army) artist Amber Martin, with the original being owned by the unit, 2nd Combat Engineer Regiment at Enoggera Barracks in Brisbane.

    Here's your chance to own your own high-quality print of one of Australia's hard working 'ginger beer' diggers in an ICAT area of operations. A great addition to a wall at home, your office, den, shed, ESO hall or perfect for a presentation. These prints are limited editions, numbered and signed personally by the artist and compact at 280mm x 340mm. There are only 200 prints in the series.
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  • Australian Flag Black/Greys Subdued Patch-0Australian Flag Black/Greys Subdued Patch-0
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    Australian Flag Black/Greys Subdued Patch

    Australian Flag Dark Greys on Black Subdued Patch: Police special weapons and tactical response teams and special ops use. This is a fully embroidered quality patch with full stitching and set off with a fully stitched merrowed border. Velcro backed. Sold as a single patch with both sides hook and eye Velcro attached.
    $5.41 GST added at checkout
  • ANZAC 'A' DeviceANZAC 'A' Device
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    ANZAC ‘A’ Device

    ANZAC 'A' Device: A pair of brass stamped 'A' letters, as worn by veterans at Gallipoli who were members of the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) landing parties and subsequently served in the Gallopoli campaign. These brass 'A's are sold in pairs, and have no fixings. They are either sewn on to shoulder and hat patches, or affixed directly to the felt patch with a non-staining fixative like cyanoacrylate (super glue).
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