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  • From Baggy Greens to a Blue Suit-0From Baggy Greens to a Blue Suit-0
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    From Baggy Greens to a Blue Suit

    Tony Easterby served as an infantry soldier with the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment from 1964-1969. After a two year break from army service the author decided to re-enlist, in the services once again, and this time as a police officer with the RAAF in 1971. His move from the somewhat casual 'baggy greens' of the Army to the 'blue suit' of the air force inspired this book. The first part concerning the author's army service was initially published in 2002 as a novel called ‘GREEN MULES GREEN GIANTS' The new title of this book made little sense without the inclusion of the author's time in greens, so it has been updated and included. This book then, is one man's journey through two military services, army and air force, leaving out most of the harshness associated with military life to concentrate on some of the funnier and interesting times associated with his service life. An interesting life along with a certain fortunate life having survived a parachute malfunction, two mine fields, falling down an open well, wounded in Viet Nam, attacked by a knife wielding airman along with staring down the barrels of a shotgun and a fully loaded .22 Rifle. Both weapons used by the same crazy airman.
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  • Green Mules Green Giants-0Green Mules Green Giants-0
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    Green Mules Green Giants

    Written by 4 RAR digger Tony Easterby, this book (short, sharp and shiny), is perfect for a quick read, a diversion for an hour or two or perfect as a travel companion as it only takes about one or two hours to read. The book is the author's experiences in service life over 5 years, from Malaysia and Borneo to Viet Nam. It's such an entertaining work that it can be read and enjoyed by both men and women, all finding it amusing and entertaining. As Easterby tells us in his introduction, it has been taken from his notes written during his time away, mostly only the light-hearted memories and anecdotes; not too serious, and not too graphic. Easterby's style is well written, descriptive, almost painting pictures in your mind; so that you can feel you were there. The only thing you can't do is smell the smells, but with his style; it's almost possible. There are the humorous sides of his 'adventures,' such as when he fell into a well when dropped into a paddy field in Borneo - albeit at his expense. His proving the old theory that one or two pips can't be trusted in the bush; and from what we've heard of fighting with the Americans, we can just imagine the racket of them talking, shining torches and moving a tank during a night exercise! He was severely injured during a recon in Viet Nam, and had to be discharged from the army. Even then, his book makes light of the horrendous injuries he sustained. Later on his return home, he joined the RAAF and served with them for 15 years. A good read.
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