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    Australian Flag DPDU Colour Patch

    Australian Flag DPDU Patch: This is a fully embroidered quality patch with full stitching and set off with a fully stitched border. AUSCAM DESERT pattern with full colour flag, and AUSTRALIA in blue.

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    CDO Para Wings Brevet

    Commando (4RAR) parachute wings, as issued to 1CDO Company, 2CDO Regt and past members of 4th Battalion The Royal Australian Regiment (now disestablished). Sold as a single brevet.

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    79 Squadron RAAF Patch

    79 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force patch. Embroidered in full colour with no stitches spared; ideal as a flying jacket patch or as a blazer pocket. 125mm high x 82mm wide

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    WO2 Rank

    Warrant Officer Class 2 Rank, JG. Viet Nam era jungle green issue CSM (Company Sergeant-major) insignia. Sold in pairs.

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    RAAC Armoured Corps Collection

    Expertly framed collection of current RAAC hat badges: Within the Corps the following is the accepted order of precedence of regiments: 1st Armoured Regiment, 2nd Cavalry Regiment, 1st/15th Royal New South Wales Lancers, 2nd/14th Light Horse Regiment (Queensland Mounted Infantry), 4th/19th Prince of Wales’s Light Horse Regiment, 12th/16th Hunter River Lancers, B Squadron, 3rd/4th Cavalry Regiment, A Squadron, 3rd/9th Light Horse (South Australian Mounted Rifles)  and A Squadron, 10th Light Horse. The collection is professionally mounted in a black/silver wood moulding frame, utilising black suede mats.

    $331.82 $295.45
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    Medal Presentation Box

    MSRP: $15.50

    These quality top-opening black velour (velvet) medal presentation hard boxes are ideal to replace original boxes lost or stolen, or just to make a presentation of an award a very special occasion. Each case has a black flat padded cushion for seating a court-mounted medal. The case has a white satin roof. Loose medals could also be placed in the inserts with loose riband lengths. These are hard board cases, and come in their own white card slip case.

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    Rosemary Poppy Lapel Badge

    MSRP: $7.95

    The ideal remembrance lapel symbol, in striking gold and enamels, this badge is appropriate for two commemorations, ANZAC Day (uniquely Australia and New Zealand) and Remembrance Day (all Commonwealth countries). In Australia, the sprig of Rosemary is associated with Anzac Day in Australia, while in New Zealand, the Poppy is the symbol for remembrance on all occasions. Worn correctly, the poppies have leaves that point to 11 o’clock. The badge measures 30mm high and 20mm wide. It’s affixed by a single clutch pin.

    $7.23 $5.41
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    Name Badges

    MSRP: $18.95

    Metal name badges, with magnetic backing for damage-free wearing with shirts or coats. These individually custom-made badges come in a brushed gold finish with bright gold borders. Digital printing in a range of colours. Strong magnetic clips on the back make them easy to wear with most garments. Badges measure 35mm x 77mm.

    There is no charge for setup or design.

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    Battle School Framed Credo

    MSRP: $225.00

    The ideal gift for someone with some time up, and who appreciates the sacrifices made to serve your country. Perfect for the man cave, the den, the shed, mess hall or ESO. The Battle School Credo, originally a small metal sign on the fence at the Battle School HQ in Tully QLD (now the Combat Training Centre – Jungle Training Wing) precision-framed, with the hat badge of your choice. The completed frame measures 600x550mm, ready to hang in your home, office, hall or shed. The quote is attributed to Brigadier George Mansford AO. Each of these frames is painstakingly hand-made and finished so please allow at least 3-4 weeks for design and creation plus a week to ten days for freight. Freight is generally between $35 and $65 on these items, depending on your location.

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    From Baggy Greens to a Blue Suit

    Tony Easterby served as an infantry soldier with the 4th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment from 1964-1969. After a two year break from army service the author decided to re-enlist, in the services once again, and this time as a police officer with the RAAF in 1971. His move from the somewhat casual ‘baggy greens’ of the Army to the ‘blue suit’ of the air force inspired this book. The first part concerning the author’s army service was initially published in 2002 as a novel called ‘GREEN MULES GREEN GIANTS’ The new title of this book made little sense without the inclusion of the author’s time in greens, so it has been updated and included. This book then, is one man’s journey through two military services, army and air force, leaving out most of the harshness associated with military life to concentrate on some of the funnier and interesting times associated with his service life. An interesting life along with a certain fortunate life having survived a parachute malfunction, two mine fields, falling down an open well, wounded in Viet Nam, attacked by a knife wielding airman along with staring down the barrels of a shotgun and a fully loaded .22 Rifle. Both weapons used by the same crazy airman.

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    Lest We Forget Lapel Badge

    Lapel badge, featuring a high-quality die-struck emblem representing the three services with a distinctive Gallipoli feel to the badge. The words ‘Lest We Forget’ across the bottom scroll ribbon, the badge is die-struck brass and plated in antique gold. Secured by a single clutch pin, top rear of badge. This high quality gold badge is sought after as a fund raiser in quantities for associations, sub-branches and ex-service organisations world-wide. The badge measures 25mm in diameter, small enough for lapel wear and large enough to make a statement.

    $5.41 $4.45
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    Regimental Police Cuff Links

    Fully custom created raised, recessed in full 3D gold-plated cufflinks with enamel infill. Made with its own unique die then stamped into brass and plated in quality gold. Small in size for understated effect, these quality RP cufflinks are a perfect addition to any mess kit, or business shirt. Sold in pairs.


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