Doubled-up and Framed

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Doubled-up and Framed

We’ve been offering single medal frame service tributes for years, but last week we were commissioned to manufacture a double one. Happy to add doubles to the range now, in addition to the other military and service medal frames we’re currently updating on the new web site.

Personal service medal frames are an excellent way to make a statement about your service (or your family’s service) to your country; a craftsman-built 225mm x 300mm (about A4 size) timber and glass frame with gold trim (slightly wider for the double size).

The presentation usually includes service number, rank and name, a short service statement including unit/regiment, significant postings and a general service, unit or corps badge, plus a precision court-mounted government-issue service medal replica.

Many of our customers utilise this presentation as a way to display (rather than wear) their commemorative medals. Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, Fire and Emergency Services. These photos do not do this presentation set justice. This presentation makes a study, den or office wall come alive. More here;

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