Honours and Awards

Citations for Viet Nam vets

ANZAC Day this year, saw a select group of veterans marching with shiny new awards for the first time; some dating back fifty-two years The extraordinary gallantry displayed by members of both the RAN Helicopter Flight Vietnam in South Vietnam from October 1967 to June 1971, and members of the 1st Australian Task Force (Forward) and associated units deployed to Area of Operations SURFERS during the Battles of Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral are being recognised by the Unit...

Medal Publications

With interest in medals generating lots of conversations over the last few days, just in case you weren't aware - there is a slew of free publications over at the Defence Honours and Awards web site. The range includes everything from fact sheets and guides, to posters. Here's the link; http://ow.ly/3vim30jHMhX

Gongs and Cartoons

With Remembrance Day just days away and a burgeoning interest in all things 'Great War’, it's worth spending a minute on nicknames that are given to campaign medals. During and after World War 1, the commonly-awarded medals didn't escape the typical Commonwealth military sense of amusement, with popular cartoon characters of the day manifesting themselves in honours and awards. From the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh, comes this timely explanation: "PIP, SQEAK and WILFRED’ are the nicknames given to the...

Canine Operational Service Medal

We're receiving a lot of enquiries lately, as to whether there will be replicas of the Canine Operational Service Medal available. The medal was introduced on 8 June 2017 to recognise the contribution Military Working Dogs make whilst serving on operations. It forms part of Defence's internal recognition scheme and is not a part of the Australian Honours and Awards System. The Australian Defence Force is the first Defence Force to implement recognition of this nature. Consequently, as the medal...