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Christmas Support for Troops

Deliveries of care packages from individuals in time for Christmas has now closed (last week), however you can still show your support - the most effective way for you to show your support is to send an e-mail message to the troops. These messages of support are circulated widely to Australian personnel. The RSL Australian Forces Overseas Fund prepares care packages that are dispatched twice yearly to Defence personnel deployed on operations. These care packs contain various non-perishable items, a...

Christmas is Coming!

We're flat chat with pre-Christmas orders - and yes - there's still time to grab yourself or your family a new set of medals, or frame for Christmas. If you're quick - but here's a quick note to update you on our Christmas closure period. Feel free to share and spread this info to your mates, if we can help them. Our final day for shipping express post orders will be Wednesday 20 December - we could not guarantee Australia Post's performance...

Gongs and Cartoons

With Remembrance Day just days away and a burgeoning interest in all things 'Great War’, it's worth spending a minute on nicknames that are given to campaign medals. During and after World War 1, the commonly-awarded medals didn't escape the typical Commonwealth military sense of amusement, with popular cartoon characters of the day manifesting themselves in honours and awards. From the Regimental Museum of the Royal Welsh, comes this timely explanation: "PIP, SQEAK and WILFRED’ are the nicknames given to the...

The Last Post On Guitar

We put this up every year, and it never gets old. Last year was Mark Knopfler (without Dire Straits and you'll find it in our video section). This year it's Nathan Howie, and a solo rendition of The Last Post. You can find him on Facebook, just search for Nathan Howie guitarist.

Dambusters With a Twist

This one's been around for years now, like, 1990, but Mondays are always in need of a grin, so here it comes again. The "Dambusters" TV spot is a spoof of the 1955 film. Created by WCRS, this ad from SAB Miller for the Carling Black Label brand was released in 1990 and filmed at Pinewood Studios in London. It won three silvers, a gold and a black pencil at D&AD, and scooped Film Gold at Cannes Lions advertising...

Watch This Top TV Spot

Here's a great television spot and message from Bell Canada. Why don't we have community-committed corporations, or even ESOs in Australasia to take the initiative like this? Be sure to remember and pay tribute to the members of our armed forces who served and continue to serve for Australia and New Zealand. We only get to do this twice a year at official commemorations - but every Day is Remembrance Day. #LestWeForget

China Enters Korean War

27 OCT 1950: Korea, and the Chinese enter the Korean War. Having secretly moved at least 180,000 men into North Korea, Chinese forces began attacking south, surprising UN Command. The battle of Pakchon marked the furthest point that the Australians reached into North Korea. It was also the first time Chinese forces were encountered in large numbers. Unbeknownst to UN intelligence sources, Chinese troops had been infiltrating North Korea across the Yalu River, and in late October they began an...

Police Remembrance Day

29 SEP: National Police Remembrance Day, today, in Australia. Often commemorated globally on St Michael's Day. In late medieval Christianity, Michael, together with Saint George, became the patron saint of chivalry and is now also considered the patron saint of police officers, paramedics, firefighters and the military.

Card Problem? Sorted.

We're experiencing intermittent issues with payments via credit/debit cards yesterday and today. Although it doesn't affect all orders, it is impacting some. We apologise for the inconvenience, and the web team is beavering away solving the problem. Because your privacy is important to us (unlike many) we're PCI compliant - we don't keep all credit/debit card details in a database -  there's no way for us to recover card details by any means; so if you've paid by card, you...

We’ve Been Outed!

Sorry for the downtime this morning folks. The server went dark about 5:00m AEST and it's taken us over 5 hours to get it back up. Initially we thought a DDOS attack as we couldn't find anything wrong 'under the hood' in the first few minutes. Apparently not, even though earlier this morning there was a huge influx of activity on the Heritage Medals site, mainly through PHP processes, and it now appears that was the root of the...

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