Aussie RADM to UNHQ Korea

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radm mayer s - Aussie RADM to UNHQ Korea

Aussie RADM to UNHQ Korea

The Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, Jr has confirmed the appointment of the Australian Defence Force’s Rear Admiral Stuart Mayer as the Deputy Commander United Nations Command Headquarters in the Republic of Korea. 

The appointment of Rear Admiral Mayer is a great opportunity for Australia to work with the Republic of Korea, the United States and regional partners to further contribute to the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula.

This is the first time an Australian will serve as the Deputy Commander of the United Nations Command Headquarters, Korea, and only the second time in the Command’s 69-year history that this post has been offered to a non-American officer.

“I would like to congratulate Rear Admiral Mayer on his appointment. This opportunity enables Australia to pursue our shared values and mutual security interests, and further contribute to regional peace and stability,” said Chief of the Defence Force, General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC.

Rear Admiral Mayer has a distinguished record of service and has held key command, strategic and operational appointments including Commander Australian Fleet, Chief of Staff Navy Strategic Command and Commander of the multi-national International Stabilisation Force in East Timor.

Rear Admiral Mayer’s most recent appointment was as Head of Force Design. In this role he was responsible for supporting the Australian Defence Organisation in delivering and maintaining a joint force that is capable, agile and potent in achieving the strategic defence objectives directed by the Government of Australia.

The Chief of the Defence Force, General Campbell will promote Rear Admiral Mayer to the rank of Vice Admiral prior to him taking up the appointment.

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