77SQN Awarded Citation

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77SQN Awarded Citation

1 NOV 1951: Korea and No. 77 Squadron, RAAF, is awarded a Republic of South Korea Presidential Citation. No. 77 Squadron was awarded this citation for its early service in Korea as an effective ground-support unit.

In the aftermath of World War II the Korean peninsula was divided along the 38th Parallel into North Korea and South Korea. The communist North invaded the South in June 1950. In response, the United Nations Security Council resolved to support South Korea.

The United States began mobilising its forces and asked the Australian Government for air support from the 77th Fighter Squadron of the RAAF. The 77 Squadron was based at Iwakuni, just west of Hiroshima in Japan as part of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force.

The Australian Government agreed and by early July 77th Squadron were flying sorties over Korea.

77 Squadron formed in 1942 and had served in the South West Pacific campaign during WWII before arriving in Japan in 1946. The squadron flew Mustang fighter aircraft at that time. It used the call sign “Dropkick”.

Besides those already in Japan, a further twelve pilots were called up for service in Korea, all of whom were based at RAAF Station, Canberra (Fairbairn). 77 Squadron flew its final mission in Korea on 20 July 1953. Photo: Meteor F8 77 Sqn RAAF at Kimpo, Korea. More; http://ow.ly/1R40305IJgh

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