Monthly Archives - April 2019

EX Balikatan 19 underway

A major international military exercise in the Philippines, jointly hosted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines and United States Indo-Pacific Command, launched from Manila yesterday. Exercise Balikatan 19 is designed to enhance regional military cooperation and interoperability during times of disaster or humanitarian crisis. This year’s focus is the ability to respond effectively to humanitarian and civic assistance events and security operations in South East Asia. The exercise also includes a range of military training and community relations activities, which...

Kapyong: A commemoration

Overshadowed by ANZAC Day, just a day later, Kapyong Day commemorates the day Kapyong came to be the most significant and important battle for Australian troops in Korea. In April 1951 the Chinese launched their spring offensive with the aim of retaking the city of Seoul. They quickly overran South Korean forces defending one of the major approach routes, the valley of the Kapyong River. Thirty kilometres further south, the 27th British Commonwealth Brigade hastily occupied defensive positions in an attempt to halt...

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