Monthly Archives - January 2019

OP Coburg During TET

The Australians began an intensive patrol program in AO Columbus and were soon fighting up to platoon-sized Viet Cong units in a series of bunker complexes. Between 25–29 January the Australians conducted reconnaissance-in-force operations and a series of minor patrol clashes followed up to the end of January. On 26 January B Company, 2 RAR/NZ fought a two-hour action against about 25 Viet Cong entrenched in a bunker system. While on the same day 9 Platoon, C Company, 2 [...]

Tet Offensive Kicks Off In RVN

The Tet offensive begins in Vietnam today, in 1968. While the Tet Offensive, named for Tet, the Vietnamese lunar new year holiday period over which the attacks occurred, was a military defeat for the Communist forces it proved to be a propaganda victory accelerating the American public's growing opposition to the war and causing United States military planners to question whether victory was possible.The Tet Offensive, launched in early 1968 by the Viet Cong, marked a [...]

Japanese Attack Ambon

Australia's 'Gull Force' along with some 2,600 Netherlands East Indies troops fought in defence of Ambon but were unable to defeat the Japanese invasion of the island. From 6 January onward, Ambon was attacked by Japanese aircraft. Allied aircraft made some sorties against the approaching Japanese fleet, with little success. On 13 January, the two Buffalos, piloted by Lt Broers and Sgt Blans, attacked a flight of 10 Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighters. Broers' plane was hit and caught fire, [...]

EX Boss Lift Soon

In the jungles of Malaysia, 19 Australian senior executives from private and public organisations will receive a taste of life in the Army Reserve during Exercise Boss Lift 2019. Exercise Boss Lift is a Department of Defence program designed to show employers the training, skills and experience that the Australian Defence Force Reserve service provides. Employers will witness their employees and other Australian Army Reserve soldiers conduct infantry minor tactics such as patrolling, ambushes and section attacks. Employers will eat ration packs, [...]

EX Red Flag To Test RAAF

Flight Lieutenant Emma Hazelton, Number 6 Squadron Aviation Medical Officer at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada, during Exercise Red Flag 18-1. The Air Force has deployed more than 370 personnel and eight aircraft to participate in the world’s most complex air warfare training at Exercise RED FLAG Nellis 19-1 in the United States. Air Commander Australia, Air Vice-Marshal Steve Roberton said there were a number of benefits of Australia participating in the exercise. “Royal Australian Air Force will train with the [...]

Paint Perfection’s Reward

Soon after posting into No. 36 Squadron, Corporal Kelvin Green noticed a problem with the C-17A Globemaster’s paint. “I look at every aircraft in detail – I can spot a repair and can tell if paint is not going to last,” he said. Corporal Green noticed paint was delaminating about three months after returning from a full repaint in the United States, instead of lasting five to seven years. When he realised this was causing an increasing workload, Corporal Green wrote a [...]

Boardings At Sea Succeed

Boardings at sea are key to Australian warships achieving counter-piracy, counter-terrorism and counter-narcotics missions. The capability, which is as old as navies themselves, allows a small team from the ship’s company to board a suspect vessel while under way to verify its registry, status and cargo. Royal Australian Navy Lieutenant Sam Hicks leads one of HMAS Ballarat’s boarding teams currently on operation in the Middle East and said there were set procedures to follow before boarding. “Once we close up to boarding stations [...]

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