Monthly Archives - October 2016

Battle School Credo is Back

We've been making these for years, but with Remembrance Day looming and Christmas just around the corner, there seems to be a resurgence for them. The Battle School Credo, on the fence at the Battle School HQ in Tully QLD (now the Combat Training Centre-Jungle Training Wing) precision-framed in walnut and gold, with the hat badge of your choice. The completed frame measures 600x550mm, ready to hang in your home, office, hall or shed. The quote is attributed to Brigadier [...]

You Have Employees?

We make this stuff :-). One of the top ways you can motivate your people to try harder, especially if they have a chance to earn some recognition, is a 'team/crew member of the month program' that highlights effort, expertise and someone 'going the extra mile.' We've been helping large and small businesses implement these for decades, and although you'll find these kinds of programs generally run HR managers in large corporations, we know from experience that small businesses can [...]

Doubled-up and Framed

We've been offering single medal frame service tributes for years, but last week we were commissioned to manufacture a double one. Happy to add doubles to the range now, in addition to the other military and service medal frames we're currently updating on the new web site. Personal service medal frames are an excellent way to make a statement about your service (or your family’s service) to your country; a craftsman-built 225mm x 300mm (about A4 size) timber and glass [...]

Internet Outage: New Site

You've probably heard about the ruckus overnight that resulted in lots of websites biting the dust. And as you're probably aware, we've been frantically working behind the scenes to get a new website up. The planets collided overnight, as the Internet's DNS issue was happening about the time our website died from age related server stress. We've been working overnight to put up the new site - but there's still lots of work to be done. We've just had a couple [...]

Australia Attacked

21 OCT 1944: World War II and HMAS Australia is damaged by Kamikaze aircraft. The Japanese first used special air units (Tokkō-tai) to undertake suicide attacks on warships in the Allied fleet supporting the American landings on Leyte in the Phillipines. “People of the Philippines, I have returned”, declared General Douglas MacArthur as he waded ashore at Beach Red in the Leyte Gulf in the afternoon of 20 October 1944, thus fulfilling the promise he had made two and [...]

5th Division in France

21 OCT 1916: World War I and the 5th Australian Division is on the Western Front. The 5th Australian Division entered the front line near Flers on the Somme. By October the Somme battlefield was a waste of mud-bound craters. From March 1916 Australian divisions began arriving in France. Initially the troops found a pleasant land and a welcome change from sea voyages, the cliffs of Gallipoli, and the training camps of Egypt. There were four divisions, each [...]

Vera Deakin and Red Cross

21 OCT 1915: World War I and the Australian Red Cross Missing and Wounded Enquiry Bureau is established. Miss Vera Deakin, daughter of ex-Prime Minister Alfred Deakin, establishes the Australian Red Cross Missing and Wounded Enquiry Bureau in Cairo. The Missing and Wounded Enquiry Bureau handled many thousands of enquiries from Australian families seeking information on wounded and missing soldiers during the First World War. From the outbreak of WWI Red Cross helped Australian families in their desperate search [...]

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