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Medal Mounting and Wearing

Medals, whether originals or replicas deserve to be mounted with military precision. Frankly the old Australian adage of 'near enough is good enough' has no place here; 'near enough is just not good enough.' We care. One of the reasons our reputation continues to grow with serving members of the ADF and federal and state law enforcement agencies right across Australia and throughout the world on postings and deployments. We can accurately mount your medals (all medals on the site here have a mounting option included in each description), in either swing or court (sometimes called Royal) mount style in strict order of precedence.

The medals when mounted should measure 95mm from the top of the riband to the bottom of each medal (the drop). For miniatures, that drop is 50mm. Protocol for medals dictates that the rack is a maximum of five (5) medals wide, or 16 centimetres. Miniatures are generally 10 medals wide (or more).

If you have more full-size medals than those to mount, then protocol dictates that the medals overlap from first to last. If you have ten (10) full size medals or more, then the width is a maximum of 200mm.

Court Mounting, Swing Mounting, What's the Difference?

Swing mounting is where the medals are mounted in such a way that they are able to swing freely on the mounting bar (unseen from the front).

Court mounting is where the medals and their riband (ribbons) are fixed to a backing board so that they are rigid, and the riband can be easily seen behind the medal between the suspender and the top of the medal.

We provide a fast-turnaround mail service for medal mounting. Usually within 72-96 hours provided there are no rare medals that require hard-to-find riband to be sourced from overseas, or commemorative medals that are out of production and for which riband simply cannot be sourced. Note that during peak times like pre-ANZAC Day, that lead time can stretch to several weeks.

If you are sending your medals, either originals or replicas to be mounted, re-mounted and/or restored and cleaned; please send them to us via registered post to avoid loss. If you are a currently serving member, then regulations specify that you must always send original medals and awards via registered post. We will return them via the same method. Just select the service/s your require, and when you get to the checkout page, just make a note in the comment section that you will be sending your medals - that way we'll be able to cross-check at this end and ensure a fast turnaround for you.

As for mounting preference. The choice is yours; however we should point out that many of our clients prefer court mounting over swing mounting, to avoid damage and chipping, as well as pure aesthetics.

Discounts are available on medal mounting services for serving members or financial members of bona-fide, state-registered ESOs. To avail yourself of the member's discount, please write your service number, PMKeyS or ESO membership badge/card number and name of ESO in the instruction box at checkout. Your price will be adjusted prior to delivery and billing.

Naturally as precision medal mounting is a labour-intensive and specialised task, we recommend that you allow us to mount them for you (medals that have been purchased online and need mounting are priced at a discounted rate, professionally mounted. If you're sending your own for cleaning and re-mounting, they are $17.95 per medal - including GST for court mounting, $16.95 for swing mounting. If you are a serving member or a member of a genuine, state-registered ESO, and quote your PMKeyS or service/badge/card number at checkout, then a discounted price applies to each medal mounted).

Feeling Up To DIY Court Mounting Medals?

We know that through circumstances beyond your control, sometimes you just need a rush job to get you through for a reunion, a commemorative event, or a quick fix when your medals are a mess or they haven't been mounted correctly.
  • Measure the length of each riband and cut.
  • Measure the width of each of the ribands you want to use to mount the medals.
  • Add up the width, cut your mounting board less 1mm each side.
  • Place 2 strips of double-sided tape across the board and tape down each riband in the order according to the Order of Precedence.
  • Fold the ribands over the board to the rear side.
  • Place a strip of double-sided tape across the mounting bar, and stick down 1cm from top of ribands.
  • Unfold ribands so that you are free to stitch* down the mounting bar. Stitch with double thread, starting and finishing with a double knot.
  • Place the ribands on the board with the mounting bar against the table.
  • Measure the drop and fold back the ends of the ribands to meet the top of the board.
  • Measure drop again, and then cut the riband so that it meets the top of the board flat, without any folds.
  • Place medal through riband, adding clasps as required.
  • Cut double-sided tape the width of the riband, then place on the underside of the riband at the top.
  • Seal down, ensuring that the drop is correct.
  • On right side of mounting, run a piece of double-sided tape at the very top of ribands.
  • Fold over ribands and medals, and seal down well, checking that drop is correct length.
  • Cut double-sided tape into around 40-50mm length.
  • Place on wrong side of medal at the top, layering across and ensuring that none shows through on right side.
  • Seal down.
  • Stitch down across neck of medal with a strong colour-matched thread or transparent line.
  • On back of mounting, cut and glue down a piece of suede/felt or similar material to cover stitching.
IMPORTANT: Your medals are valuable! Always use inert, acid-free tape and polypropylen board (available from Heritage in pre-cut lengths) and inert thread to protect the medals and ribands. Precision mounting is important. Make sure that whatever materials you use, including quality riband are colour-fast, and will not run if it just happens to rain on your parade!

Please Note: We are sometimes asked to mount medals by 'jury rigging' clutch pins that are not designed for the purpose. The maximum number of medals that can be mounted for wear with clutch pins is three. We can NOT comply with more than this request for two reasons. Firstly, the weight of medals will pull and tear light and medium fabric like poly shirts; and secondly, clutch pins are notoriously weak in both the pin posts that are soldered to the rack and the butterfly clips which often push through and cannot be easily removed.

We are aware of several instances where tailors have mounted medals with clutch pins and they have failed on parades. Forewarned, is fore-armed.